Le changement, c’est maintenant! Moving to Paris

Le changement, c’est maintenant!  Moving to Paris. After six unforgettable months in Seville, it was always going to be difficult saying goodbye. I miss it so much every day, especially the colder ones! I’ll never forget walking over the Puente de San Telmo and looking out over the Guadalquivir, or having delicious tapas on a […]

Gender and its impact on the way we see the world

To English speakers, the idea of arbitrarily assigning gender to words is a strange concept. In our eyes, an apple is simply that, an apple. Not a masculine or a feminine apple, just a plain old apple. However, it’s actually English that’s the strange language for NOT having genders. English used to have genders years […]

The Guiri in Sevilla’s guide to the andaluz dialect

“You’re going to Seville?” People would ask me. “You won’t be able to understand them.” They told me. And, five months later, they’re mostly right. The andaluz dialect is certainly a challenge, but that is why I came to Seville after all. Linguists debate on whether andaluz constitutes a genuine dialect of Spanish or just […]

Code-switching – or ese momento when you start pensar en dos idiomas at the same tiempo

If you’re bilingual or multi-lingual, you’ve probably been in a situation where you have to quickly switch between two or more languages during one conversation.  This linguistic phenomenon is called code-switching, and it has a huge effect on the lives of multilinguals. What are some of the reasons people code-switch? Code-switching is very common among […]

What is an internship at CBLingua like? Final thoughts and reflections

My six-month internship here at CBLingua in Seville will soon be at an end. I thought I’d reflect on the experience. Hopefully this will help any students who are thinking of doing a translation internship, maybe even at CBLingua! What is an internship at CBLingua like? When I first arrived at the office I didn’t […]

The Schwa (ə) and the key to English pronunciation

Answer to the riddle (Before I start this entry, the answer to the riddle from last time is: The doctor is the boy’s MOTHER. Perhaps your brain automatically assumed the doctor was a man? The word has masculine connotations but the gender was never specified. In Romance languages this is even more prevalent – the […]

Linguistic Relativity and why you should care about it

Whether you like it or not, language governs every aspect of life. If you want to communicate with someone, you need to use language. It’s inescapable, so much so that life becomes virtually impossible without it. If you’ve ever studied or mastered a foreign language, you will understand that words and concepts don’t translate very […]

Tutoring – My experiences, advice and tips for future Year Abroad students

Tutoring is a common way for students on their year abroad to make a little extra money. Not only is it a good idea from a financial standpoint, it also makes sense from an immersion perspective. I hope that in sharing my perspective of giving classes in English, future year abroad students will be encouraged […]

Viagem de um dia na Isla de Tavira em Portugal com ESN!

One of the great things about doing a Year Abroad is the travel opportunities that come up. Travelling has always been one of my favourite things to do. Discovering new places, meeting new people and experiencing different ways of life enriches and changes your own for the better. Spending five months on a student exchange […]

¡Sevilla tiene un color especial!

I could have chosen any city of any Spanish-speaking country for the first six months of my Year Abroad, so why Sevilla? Sevilla was a natural choice for my Year Abroad destination. I had my heart set on Spain, as I’m fascinated by its culture (its food especially!) and an Erasmus grant is important for […]