Chuchotage Interpretation Service

The French term chuchotage translates to whisper in English and refers to a type of simultaneous interpretation. It is normally carried out for small groups of people or for one person. A interpreter who gives the Chuchotage Interpretation Service sits close to the audience and simultaneously translates what the speaker says.

chuchotage interpretation service
Benefits of a Chuchotage Interpretation Service

A chuchotage interpretation service doesn’t require a lot of terminological preparation although that depends on the information and situation of the service.

As it is a type of simultaneous translation, it takes less time than other types of interpretation such as consecutive translation.

This type of interpretation is usually performed by only one interpreter, lowering the costs of the service.

Limitations of a Chuchotage Interpretation Service

This type of translation is only appropriate for small groups as the interpreter translates what the speaker says simultaneously. The information is transmitted in a low voice and therefore there can be some difficulty understanding what has been said.

As in other types of simultaneous translation, the interpreter has to carry out different tasks at the same time: listening, understanding, translation and speaking. This activity requires a high level of concentration that can be tiring for the professional doing the job.

The translation of the interpreter can be affected not only by the speaker’s speech but also by the background noise and the rest of the audience. Therefore the people receiving the translation must concentrate to be able to understand it all.

Some characteristics of a Chuchotage Interpretation Service

A chuchotage interpretation service uses the whispering of information so that the speaker is not interrupted. This means that pronunciation can be affected as the vowels and consonants aren’t sounded as normal. The audience has to bear this in mind and maintain their concentration throughout the process.

Even though chuchotage is considered a type of simultaneous translation, interpreters can have different ways of working. Some choose to keep their translation very close to the rhythm of the speaker’s speech, in a continuous manner. Others prefer to translate intermittently, taking advantage of the natural pauses of the speech or summarising ideas and content.

When is a Chuchotage Interpretation Service used?

Chuchotage is always used for small groups, normally 4 people is considered the maximum. Chuchotage is convenient in seminars, conferences or presentations, and business meetings with an international audience.

Different devices have been introduced, like small microphones and headphones that reduce the sound interferences and allow for a larger audience. This interpretation technique does not use interpretation booths and other technical devices.

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