Sworn Interpretation

A Sworn Interpretation Service is characterised by being carried out by a Sworn Interpreter. A Sworn Interpreter is someone who has been appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This appointment gives them the ability to carry out interpretations from one language to another while certifying it’s content.

Sworn Interpretation

The name Sworn Interpreter incorporates translation and interpretation. However, when we refer to the Sworn Translation of documents we refer to a Sworn or Official Translator. When we refer to Interpretation Services that have to be carried out by an official interpreter we use the term Sworn or Official Interpreter. They can only act as a Sworn Interpreter for the linguistic combination for which they have been appointed.

In consequence, Sworn Interpreters, as well as being authorised to certify translations of an official character, have a card which states the language and the date of their appointment. They must bring the card with them to carry out any interpretation in which they are involved.

What types of Interpretation Services does a Sworn Interpreter do?

A Sworn Translator can be used in any type of interpretation service. However there are some Interpretation Services that only use a Sworn Interpreters services.

  • Appearing in oral proceedings. In these cases, the Sworn Translator must appear before the Judge or Court where the oral translation of a defendant or witness is needed, certifying the truthfulness of the information they are transmitting. They are a key figure in any type of proceeding of this nature and have to be aware of the responsibility they have.
  • Appearing in notarial deeds. Such acts include the granting of deeds, powers of attorney, proceedings, affidavits etc. All of these must be approved by a notary and an equivalent figure in another language, the Sworn Interpreter.

In light of the above, you can see that Sworn Translation also needs a wide knowledge of Judicial Law in each socio-cultural model.

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