Sworn Translator accredited in Germany and Spain!

Sworn Translator accredited in Germany and Spain!

Do you need a sworn translator to help you so that you can start your new experience abroad as soon as possible?

Do you live in Germany or do you intend to move? If so, you will need to translate your documents to process and manage immigration papers, approval of titles, signing of the rental contract…

Or, on the contrary, do you intend to live in Spain to improve your language or for work reasons? In this case, you will need to validate your driving license, your previous studies, your birth certificate etc.

In short, you will have a lot of paperwork to translate whatever path applies to you! However, you are in the right place. At CBLingua, we want to help you and we are willing to make the process as easy as possible, so easy that we will take care of everything for you.

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How do I request a translation from Germany?

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No matter what your document, our sworn translators will take care of translating it in an official way: immigration papers, ID Card (passport), driving licence, proof of degrees and certificates, birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates, criminal records, degrees, academic transcripts, wills, powers of attorney, divorce orders, annual accounts etc.
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CBLingua, synonym of quality

At CBLingua, we guarantee our clients that all our translations are carried out by sworn translators accredited by official authorities. Some of the factors that distinguish us are the following:

  • 100% guaranteed Accredited Sworn Translators.
  • More than 15 years of experience.
  • The best prices.
  • The best delivery terms.
  • Named Translators by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Testimonies on Google and Facebook.
  • Our affiliation to ATA, the largest professional association of translators and interpreters of the USA, which guarantees the quality and professionality of our services.

How does CBLingua work in Germany?

Although we do not have physical offices in Germany, we have been working with this language combination for a long time thanks to our excellent sworn translators. Today, our clients are very satisfied with our services and more and more people are deciding to opt for us. How is this possible? Thanks to the digitisation of our services. In this way you have a legal translator in Germany. All clients can request the translation of their documents digitally, via our email info@cblingua.com or by telephone.

How do I receive the translation?

The process is very simple and as we mentioned earlier, we take care of everything!

Distance is not a problem as you have seen! All our sworn translators have a digital signature for sworn translations in order to shorten the deadlines and receive the translation as soon as possible. Likewise, if the client wishes to receive the sworn translation in physical format, we will happily send the translation via postal mail. Our duty is to adapt to the needs of our clients!

If you have reached this point, you can contact us today without any commitment. We will attend you on the same day and offer you the best budgets and deadlines. With CBLingua, our team of professionals will take care of you and provide services that will leave a smile on your face. Don’t forget, at CBLingua, we are quality.