Sworn Translator accredited in the USA and Spain!

You need a Sworn Translator in USA for the purpose of immigration, the embassy, the processing of your papers or the approval of your studies

You live in the USA or you are going to live in the North American continent and you need documents translated to process and manage immigration papers, have your studies standardized, get married or collect a will…

Do you intend to live in Spain and do you need to carry out the sworn translation of all your documentation? Driving Licenses, Visas, academic transcripts, degree certificates, birth certificates etc. Well, you are in the right place!

We are specialized in sworn translation for civil and legal matters.

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How do I request a translation from the USA?
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Whatever your document, our translators will be in charge of producing an official translation: immigration papers, Spanish National Identity Documents, driving licenses, certificates and certifications for standardization, degree titles, academic records, wills, powers of attorney, divorce decrees, annual accounts, and certificates for: birth, marriage, divorce, criminal records etc.
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CBLingua, synonym of quality

At CBLingua, we guarantee our clients translations always carried out by sworn translators accredited by official authorities. Some of the factors that distinguish us and make us stand out among the rest of the options are:

  • 100% guarantee of Accredited Sworn Translators.
  • 17 years of experience.
  • Best prices.
  • Best delivery time.
  • Translators appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • High ratings on Google and Facebook.
  • Our affiliation to ATA, the largest professional association of translators and   interpreters in the USA, which guarantees the quality and professionalism of our services.

Added to all this are the facilities that we offer our clients, both when requesting the service and when receiving the translations, as you can see below.

How does CBLingua work in the USA?

Although we do not have physical offices in the USA. We carry out translations for all states: California, Florida, New York, Texas, Connecticut, as our services are all available digitally, so you have a sworn translator in USA. Clients can request the translation of their documents over the Internet and can contact us through our telephone lines, available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and from 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Spanish time).

How do I receive the translation?

Completely instantly by sending the digital document in pdf format once the translation is ready. All our sworn translators have a digital signature for sworn translations. Likewise, if the client wishes, the sworn translation can also be sent in physical or paper format by post.

If you have come this far and have decided on CBLingua’s professionalism, you can contact us today by email or our phone lines. We will help you on the same day and offer you the best budgets and deadlines. Don’t hesitate – remember we are here for any queries you may have. CBLingua and quality always go hand in hand.