Technical Translation

CBLingua is a Translation Agency that offers technical translation to businesses and private clients. We have a service at a national and an international level, guaranteeing a high degree of precision in each of them.

Therefore we have a team of native professional technical translators that guarantee top quality translations. First each project is assigned a translator who specialises in that field of work. The translator then carries out an exhaustive terminology search and an appropriate documentation process. This way we assure the highest precision in all of our specialised translations.

Technical Translation

The best solution for your translations is to trust in professional translators that assure the highest quality of work. This way you will avoid putting your business at risk with incorrect and low quality translations that could damage the image of your company.

What are the most requested technical translation services?

Some projects we have done include:

  • Supply contracts
  • Patents
  • Technical sheets
  • Medical reports
  • Specifications
  • Product tags
  • Software translation
  • Quality control of products
  • Hearings
  • Quality certificates and standards
  • Manuals


We work with terminology glossaries that have a high level of specialisation and complexity that have also been revised and verified. Thanks to this we can always guarantee the best technical translation service for each of our projects.

If you decide to trust us with the translation of your technical documents, send us the documentation that you need translating through our quotes section or to You should receive a quote within 2 hours.

Our goal is to help businesses advance towards a new phase of business expansion abroad through our translation services.