Telephone Interpretation Service

A telephone interpretation service connects an interpreter by telephone with people who don’t speak the same language. This type of translation is usually a consecutive interpretation.

This type of interpretation exists in parallel with interpretation through video calls. This has followed the evolution and presence of new technologies in our daily lives.

Telephone Interpretation Service

When is a telephone interpretation service used?

A telephone interpretation service is used in many different areas, from health services, government institutions and NGOs to the worlds of finance and insurance. Above all, it is used in situations where the different parties use a telephone to communicate, for example to make requests by phone or to resolve customers’ questions about their accounts or payment dates.

Video calls are used to satisfy the needs of partially or completely deaf audiences. It could be from one language to its corresponding sign language or between a language and the sign language of another. It’s important to know that sign language differs depending on the spoken language as they can have different syntax and lexical structures. Bilingual interpreters of sign language are very rare.

Tools for Telephone Interpretation

Normally, people who use telephone interpretation services have access to a telephone or computer with a VoIP system. This system allows the telephone signal to travel through the internet. However if both parties that want to communicate are in the same place, they can use a phone with two headphones. This way they won’t have to keep passing the phone to each other. In other cases, speaker phone is used but this can cause understanding and listening problems.

In big institutions that receive a lot of calls, there are two ways to use this service. One would be automatic, where the system converts spoken information into data and sends an automatic request with the information about the language and the type of translation desired. The other way would be to use an operator, where a person receives all of the calls centrally and contacts the interpreter required.

As you can see, this type of interpretation is widely practices and covers the needs of a lot of people.

A Translation Agency such as CBLingua meets all the requirements necessary to offer a comprehensive service of the highest quality, thanks to a solid team of interpreters specialised in simultaneous, consecutive and conference interpretation services.