Legal Translation

At CBLingua we rely on more than ten years of experience with Legal Translation. Our training as specialised Legal Translators in legal framework allows and facilitates us to deal with more than a hundred legal translations each day through our legal translators. The biggest part of this job centres around law, more specifically in commercial and procedural law.

Professional legal translators

We have a team of professional native legal translators available that can guarantee standards of the highest quality. Firstly, each translation project is assigned to a specialised translator in this area of expertise. Then, the translator does an extensive search of terminology, and carries out the appropriate documentation process. As a result, we can guarantee maximum precision in each and every one of our specialised translations.

Quality legal translation

We work with terminology glossaries with a high level of speciality and complexity that has been revised and verified. As a result, we guarantee the highest level of technical translation in each and every one of our projects.

For this reason, the best solution for your translations is to trust in professional translators that can guarantee you quality results. As such, this protects the reputation of your business by avoiding poor quality or incorrect translations.

What are the most requested legal translations?

 What is legal translation?

A legal translation consists of any type of translation of documents with legal content, that is to say, documents that don’t necessarily have official character, but that their terminology and phrasing bears highly technical content in the different branches of law. The most common examples of legal translation are:

  • Translation of official bulletins from State organisations
  • European Union regulations such as Directives of the European Parliament
  • Legal translation of information for foreigners
  • Translation of business documents: macroeconomic reports, annual accounts, audits…

Normally, legal translation and Sworn Translation go hand in hand, because a translation specialising in legal framework always requires one of our Sworn Translators to act with the signature and stamp of Sworn Translator – Interpreter as notary before the authorities.

The best solution for your juridical or legal translations is, therefore, to entrust them with professional legal translators that can guarantee you quality results. As such, it avoids risking the reputation of your company with badly done translations, and protects your company image. Get to know why you should hire a professional company here.

Who can be a legal translator?

There are all kinds of opinions on this matter. Some think that to be a good legal translator it is fundamental to have robust training in the field of translation accompanied by legal knowledge. Others believe that a lawyer with knowledge of the appropriate languages is better suited to do the job. At CBLingua we think both. The “perfect” legal translator should be both a lawyer and a translator at the same time.

Traducción Jurídica

Legal Translation

If you have a document or are in need of interpretation services in the juridical field, come to us at CBLingua. Our translators are experiences in this sector, and know how to adapt to the needs and demands of clients. Get in touch with us through info@cblingua.com or through our estimates section and you will receive a same-day estimate for your project.

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