Sworn Interpretation

The Sworn Interpretation Service is distinguished as being performed by a Sworn Translator. A sworn translator is one who has been granted this capacity through official appointment by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This appointment grants them the authority to perform interpretations from one language to another, thereby verifying its contents.

Servicio de Interpretación Jurada

The designation of Sworn Interpreter encompasses the disciplines of translation and interpretation. However, when we handle Sworn Translations of documents we appoint an Official or Sworn Translator and when we are handling Interpretation Services which need to be conducted by an Official Interpreter, we use the term Sworn or Official Interpreter. This role can only be performed in the capacity of the linguistic combination in which the interpreter was officially appointed.

As a result, sworn translators, as well as being officially authorized to verify translations, carry a document verifying the language and date of issuance of their official appointment. They must carry this document with them whenever conducting an interpretation or oral assignment in which they are acting as an intermediate.

What sorts of Interpretation Services do Sworn Interpreters conduct?

Sworn Interpreters may mediate in any kind of interpretation service. However, there are a number of services which require the exclusive services of a Sworn Interpreter, a Sworn Interpretation Service entailing the following:

  • Appearing at spoken court proceedings. In these instances, the Sworn Interpreter must appear before the Court or Tribunal for the purposes required in the spoken translation of the accused or a witness, attesting to the authenticity of the information communicated in the process. They have a key role in any procedure of this capacity, and must be conscious of the responsibility they hold.
  • Appearing at notarial proceedings. Among the kinds of procedures included here are issuances of public deeds, powers of attorney, legal proceedings and statements, etc. Any of the above must be certified by a public notary and their equivalent in the other language, the Sworn Interpreter.

With respect to this, it can be assumed that Sworn Interpretation will incorporate a wide variety of legal orders and procedures in any specified sociocultural model.

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