Prepare for Brexit: What documents do I need?

With Brexit approaching ever closer, the future of Britain´s relationship with Europe remains uncertain. There is various advice the British government has publicized to prepare for Brexit for Brits that want to continue their residency here in Spain, many consist of different bureaucratic processes, which are coming increasingly more rigorous. Here is a breakdown of what immediate steps you need to take and what sworn translations we can assist you with, for all the documents mentioned an official translation may be required to prepare for Brexit.

Prepare for Brexit

  1. Register as a resident

The current advice from the British government is to register your residency in Spain if you plan to stay in Spain for a period of longer than 3 months. This process requires you to register at the Central Register of Foreign Nationals (Registro Central de Extranjeros) or at the local police station, before doing so you must book an appointment on the online booking system at https://sede.administracionespublicas.gob.es/icpplus/index.html and choose the “Certificados UE”.

  • You will need your passport and a photocopy and two copies of the official form filled in and signed.
  • If you are an employed worker, you will need your employment contract, or other proof of employment.
  • Self-employed workers will need proof of registration in the register of economic activities or other proof of your employment status.
  • If you are not working in Spain or a student, you have to prove that you have sufficient funds to sustain your stay in Spain, bank statements and documents will have to be shown to display that you won´t be a burden on the social security system.
  1. Register for healthcare
  • You will need to register for healthcare in Spain or you run the risk of costly medical bills from healthcare establishments.
  • You will need to fill in a S1 form and take it to a Spanish social security office (INSS) alongside your residency certificate and padrón certificate.
  • For students and tourists, the EHIC remains adequate for public health coverage.
  • If you require ongoing medical treatment, medical certificates and prescriptions may have to be translated.


With the 31st October falling next week it is a daunting time for British expats. These are the basic recommendations from the UK Government, however for British businesses and people that wish to register for permanent residency more documents will be required, for example birth certificates. All information is available at: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/living-in-spain#brexit-what-you-should-do

CBLingua will continue to support British clients to overcome the Bureaucracy that Brexit brings. For any translation queries don´t hesitate to contact us!

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