Scientific Translation

Scientific translation is one of the most sought-after translation styles in the sector. This type of text features highly specialized language, referring to particular subject matter and ordinarily lacking in stylistic devices.

Its challenging nature, due to the additional scientific element, makes it one of the most difficult disciplines to work with within the field of translation. The scientific translator should be fully trained in the field to which the text makes reference.

While scientific translation is often closely related to technical translation due to a number of common features, the key difference between the two styles is the subject matter which they deal with. However, since it can sometimes de difficult to label subject matter as belonging to one style or the other, the term scientific-technical translation may also be used.

Professional Scientific Translators

We are equipped with a team of native, professional scientific translators guaranteeing the highest quality. Firstly, each translation project is assigned to a translator who specializes in that specific work area. Once assigned, the translator will conduct an exhaustive search of relevant terminologies and perform the appropriate documentation. In this way we are able to guarantee the highest possible accuracy for all our specialized translations.

High Quality Scientific Translation

We use terminological glossaries of a high level of specificity and complexity which have been revised and verified. Owing to this we are always able to guarantee the most complete scientific translation service possible for every one of our projects.

For this reason, the best solution for your translation needs is to entrust professional translators who can guarantee high quality results, and in doing so you will be able to avoid risking the integrity of your company’s image simply due to incorrect or low-quality translations.

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Is scientific translation more expensive?

The fact that the subject matter being processed is highly specialized often leads clients to believe that scientific translation may produce much higher costs. However, it is not always so. It all depends on the type of document, the format, its terminology etc. In other words, there are a whole range of factors which should be taken into account in order to produce an accurate quote. Of course, with regards to highly complex subject matter, an increase in the price per word may go up, but discounts are also possible where there are similarities between documents for translation.

Traducción científica

Where can I access scientific translation services?

Not every Translation Agency is specialized and equipped to deal with this type of translation, given the range of demands and additional difficulty. The complexity of this translation style makes the appointment of professional translators and interpreters trained and specializing in the scientific field necessary.

The cohort of scientific translators is highly specific and limited in number, given the level of specialization and understanding of the subject matter that is required. At CBLingua we rely on a team of professional translators who are highly experienced and specialize in scientific material. In many cases, our translators are also accredited in the field of healthcare. In this way, the project in question is always assigned to a translator specialized in the field.

If you have a document or require the interpretation services in a scientific field, you can depend on our services at CBLingua. Our translators rely on their wide experience in the sector and are flexible to the needs and demands of our clients. Contact us at info@cblingua.com and we can give you a quote for your project today.

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