Translation Agency

A Translation Agency like CBLingua is much more than just translations of simple documents. We are aware of the importance and the significance of the translations that we deal with every day. For this reason, we’d like to show our clients a brief summary of the translation team that makes up CBLingua, so get to know an average day in CBLingua.

Translation Agency

First, the translation team is responsible for ensuring the quality of our projects and the management team is responsible for the proper functioning of these projects.

CBLingua is made up of five Translation Agencies all over Spain, these include MadridBarcelonaSevillaMálaga and Cádiz. As well as offering an on-site service, we send our translations all over Spain. In CBLingua we also have a strong team of Interpreters specialised in simultaneous, consecutive, and conference interpretation.

All of this allows us to guarantee the delivery of projects on time and excellence in the quality of our work. In our Translation Agency we offer an express sworn translation service for short documents in English, German, Italian and French.

The fact that we have a huge client base is not by chance. CBLingua is synonymous with experience and professionalism. Every day, our Translation Agencies receive an endless amount of projects of multiple linguistic combinations and various areas of speciality. This is why we’re used to working with any type of specialised document. We have enough staff to be able to work on various types of projects while maintain the best quality translations.

All of this constitutes a seal of approval when selecting a supplier to take on your translations. If you want to know a little more about us, click here to see the opinions of our customers.

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