Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous translation services are those conducted in real time. The interpreter communicates the same message as the person speaking, but in another language. The form of interpretation is almost parallel. The interpreter should discuss any discrepancies with the speaker so as to not leave out any vital information nor lose sight of the key subject matter.

When are Simultaneous Translation services normally carried out?

Generally speaking, any formal event will require this type of service. This includes large summits and meetings, multilingual events, and any occasion in which a group of people is brought together from a number of countries.

Servicio de Interpretación Simultánea

Features of simultaneous translation

The most relevant features are immediacy and the use of high-tech equipment. Specialized equipment, such as soundproofed booths with the capacity to accommodate two interpreters, is necessary in order to perform this form of translation.  The translators take turns working through the microphones and headphones, as it is not considered advisable to conduct an interpretation for more than thirty or forty minutes at a time.

The interpreter places more attention on the speaker’s voice, rather than relying on memory. As such it is the only point of reference which the interpreter uses to replicate the concept that the speaker wants to convey to their audience.

The interpreter

First and foremost, it is essential to have made preparations in line with the subject matter that is under discussion. It is crucial that the interpreter is familiar with the theme of the conference. They must also possess a good command over event-specific vocabulary in case of an unforeseen eventuality. Working in pairs, the interpreters are able to assist one another by noting down names, addresses or looking up specific terminology for their colleague.

Translation Agencies like CBLingua combine these necessary elements in order to provide clients with a complete service of the highest quality, which we are able to offer thanks to our well-established interpretation team specializing in simultaneous, consecutive, and conference translation services.

Which interpretation service should I consult?

Simultaneous translation

This interpretation service involves the interpreter speaking as the same time as the original speaker, and is commonly conducted for summits and conferences. This option makes use of headphones and booths.

Consecutive interpretation

This interpretation service involves the interpreter speaking moments after the speaker. This variety of interpretation is used for short functions such as opening and closing ceremonies.

Whispered interpretation

Also known as ‘chuchotage’, the interpreter is positioned beside the speaker and interprets whilst they are speaking. This is used for a single person or a very limited group size.

Bilateral interpretation

Also known as ‘liaison interpretation’. It is an effective interpretation method when applied to meetings being operated in numerous different languages. The interpreter acts as a liaison and proceeds to recommunicate the message in multiple directions.

Thanks to our network of interpreters we are able to offer services in simultaneous and liaison interpreting, with support possible in a number of cities across Spain. Choose the city where you wish the interpretation service to be performed:

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