Technical Translation

CBLingua is a Translation Agency offering technical translation services to firms and individuals. We have national and international services which we can rely on, guaranteeing a high level of precision in every one of them.

Professional technical translators

We have at our disposal a team of professional native technical translators guaranteeing maximum quality. Primero, cada proyecto de traducción se asigna a un traductor especializado en el campo de trabajo. Y, posteriormente, el traductor llevará a cabo una búsqueda terminológica exhaustiva y un proceso de documentación acorde. De este modo se garantiza la máxima precisión en todas nuestras traducciones especializadas.

Quality technical translation

We work with terminology glossaries with a high level of speciality and complexity that has been revised and verified. As a result, we guarantee the highest level of technical translation in each and every one of our projects.

For this reason, the best solution for your translations is to trust in professional translators that can guarantee you quality results. As such, this protects the reputation of your business by avoiding poor quality or incorrect translations.

Which translation services are most requested?



software Translation


Supply contracts


Technical Files

Expert medical records


Product quality control

Certificates and quality guidelines

Do you need a technical translation?

Our goal is to help firms reach a new phase in expanding their business abroad with our translation services.

If you decide to count on us for the translation of your documents, send us the relevant documentation you need through our accounting team or at info@cblingua.com after which you will receive your quote within approximately two hours.

Traducción técnica

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