Do I need to translate my driving license?

When it comes to moving to another country, you could be asked for a translation of your driving license. A driving license is one of the most important basic documents of day to day life. Even though it’s only a simple card, its translation could be crucial for finalising procedures abroad. In Spain, the DGT or General Directorate of Traffic is in charge of issuing driving licenses and regulates all aspects to obtaining one. It comes in a card format that includes details such as name and surname of the holder, the issue and expiration date, the vehicle category that the holder is able to drive etc. It is generally a short document. In Spain there are up to 10 different types depending on the vehicle that you use and to get a license you have to pass a practical and theory test. In this test the candidate must show that they have the skills necessary to be able to drive.

Driving Licenses abroad

If you are thinking of moving or carrying out some sort of procedure abroad, bear in mind that there are a series of distinctive features relating to driving licenses. For example, if you got your driving license in a Member State of the European Union, this will be valid in all other member states. If you haven’t obtained your driving license in on the EU Member States, you will have to ask for an international license, which consists of 16 pages and is valid for one year.

When accessing a service or activity in another country, you will probably have to present the translation of your driving license either because you need to standardise it or because your translation is needed to file a complaint. From 2013, all driving licenses issued in the EU have the same format, therefore the translation of an EU driving license shouldn’t be too long or complex. At CBLingua, we offer the possibility of translating your driving license in a very short amount of time, so that you can present it and get your paperwork done just in time. Just send us the document by email and our team of translators will do everything possible to guarantee you the best service.

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