Do you need a translation of a Family Record Book?

The Sworn Translation of a Family Record Book is essential whether it’s for marriages, divorces or births where one of the parents is a foreigner with citizenship in a country that does not speak Spanish.

Official Sworn Translation

A Sworn Official Translation is a special translation that can only be carried out by a Sworn Translator authorised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), who will seal the translation making it 100% valid in all of Spain.

Family Record Book

The Family Record Book records and proves the relationship of kinship between a couple and also between parents and children. It is provided free of charge at the time of marriage or at the time of registration of a child if the parents are not married.

A Family Record book is needed for various procedures such as:

  • Marriages, separations, divorces
  • Wills and inheritance
  • Getting a National Identity Document or passport for a minor
  • Maternity leave, discharge of children from the social security card or registration at the place of residence
  • Requesting a place in a nursery or a public or concerted school
  • Unemployment benefit claim
  • Benefits for large families

Sworn translation of a Family Record Book

Do I need a Sworn Translation of my Family Record Book?

You will need a Sworn Translation of your Family Record Book whenever it is needed for a procedure in Spain and has been written in a language other than Spanish.

The same applies if your Family Record Book was written in Spanish and you need to present it in China or Russia for example.

Always talk to the organisation or administration that has requested the book to confirm whether a sworn translation is necessary.

Minimum prices for a sworn translation of a document:

  • English minimum per document: €30
  • French minimum per document: €35
  • German minimum per document: €45
  • Italian minimum per document: €50
  • Portuguese minimum per document: €50
  • Russian minimum per document: €50
  • Ukrainian minimum per document: €65
  • Arabic minimum per document: €65
  • Chinese minimum per document: €60
  • Japanese minimum per document: €65
  • Swedish minimum per document: €65
  • Norwegian minimum document: €65
  • Bulgarian minimum document: €65
  • Hebrew minimum document: €65
  • Dutch minimum document: €45
  • Polish minimum document: €55
  • Romanian minimum document:  €65

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