Sworn Translation of a Degree or a Diploma

The Sworn Translation of a degree or a diploma is essential if you want to continue or complete your studies at a University or School abroad. It is necessary for the standardisation of the qualification.

What is an Academic Degree or Diploma?

An academic degree or diploma is a document that certifies the completion of undergraduate, graduate, or PhD studies. Therefore, it’s the school or university where the studies have taken place that is in charge of issuing the document and signing it.

Sworn Translation of a Degree or a Diploma

When is a Sworn Translation of a Degree or Diploma needed?

In reality, a Sworn Translation of a university degree or diploma is needed whenever the document has been written in Spanish and is needed to study in a foreign school or university where Spanish is not spoken. The same applies if the document was written in a language that isn’t Spanish and needs to be presented in a Spanish-speaking country.

Always ask the school or university to decide if an Official Sworn Translation of a degree or diploma is needed.

Minimum prices for a sworn translation of a document:

  • English minimum per document: €30
  • French minimum per document: €35
  • German minimum per document: €45
  • Italian minimum per document: €50
  • Portuguese minimum per document: €50
  • Russian minimum per document: €50
  • Ukrainian minimum per document: €65
  • Arabic minimum per document: €65
  • Chinese minimum per document: €60
  • Japanese minimum per document: €65
  • Swedish minimum per document: €65
  • Norwegian minimum per document: €65
  • Bulgarian minimum per document: €65
  • Hebrew minimum per document: €65
  • Dutch minimum per document: €45
  • Polish minimum per document: €55
  • Romanian minimum per document:  €65


If you can’t find your language, please contact us.

A Translation Agency such as CBLingua meets all the requirements needed to offer a comprehensive service of the highest quality to our clients. This is thanks to our strong team of Sworn Translators in all languages and a team of interpreters specialised in simultaneous, consecutive and conference interpretation services.

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