Sworn Translation of a National Identity Document (DNI), Foreigner’s Identification Number (NIE) or Passport

The Sworn Translation of a DNI, NIE or passport is essential for procedures in Spain whenever the DNI, NIE or Passport is not written in Spanish.

Official Sworn Translation

A Sworn Official Translation is a special translation that can only be carried out by a Sworn Translator authorised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), who will seal the translation making it 100% valid in all of Spain.

DNI, NIE and Passport

A National Identity Document (DNI) is the document that proves the identity, personal details and Spanish nationality of a Spanish citizen in Spain. The General Directorate of Police (Ministry of Home Affairs) issues the document for all Spanish citizens.

The Foreigner’s Identification Number (NIE) is the document that proves the identity, personal details and nationality of a foreign citizen in Spain. Therefore the Foreign Office of the General Directorate of Police issues it to foreigners who are authorised to stay in Spain. It is compulsory to carry it at all times.

A passport is a document with international validity that identifies the holder and allows them to exit or enter a country.

Do I need a Sworn Translation of my DNI or Passport?

You will need a Sworn Translation of you DNI, NIE or Passport if it’s needed for a procedure in Spain and is written in a language that is not Spanish.

Talk to the organisation or administration that has asked for the document to confirm that a Sworn Translation of your DNI, NIE or passport is essential.

Minimum prices for a sworn translation of a document:

  • English minimum per document: €30
  • French minimum per document: €35
  • German minimum per document: €45
  • Italian minimum per document: €50
  • Portuguese minimum per document: €50
  • Russian minimum per document: €50
  • Ukrainian minimum per document: €65
  • Arabic minimum per document: €65
  • Chinese minimum per document: €60
  • Japanese minimum per document: €65
  • Swedish minimum per document: €65
  • Norwegian minimum per document: €65
  • Bulgarian minimum per document: €65
  • Hebrew minimum per document: €65
  • Dutch minimum per document: €45
  • Polish minimum per document: €55
  • Romanian minimum per document:  €65

If you can’t find your language, please contact us.

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