Sworn Translation of Notarial Deeds

The Sworn Translation of Notarial Deeds is fairly frequent in today’s society as a consequence of the internationalisation of our businesses. Contracts and the incorporation of companies are the most frequent documents involved in the international legal traffic and these require a Sworn Translation in order to continue the internationalisation of our companies.

Official Sworn Translation

A Sworn Official Translation is a special translation that can only be carried out by a Sworn Translator authorised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), who will seal the translation making it 100% valid in all of Spain.

CBLingua is a national Translation Company that specialises in all languages and documents. We have a team of more than 150 sworn and technical translators that are accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Public and Notarial Deeds

A Notarial Deed is a public document through which a notary attests that a certain event has happened before them, on a given date and place, by one or more persons whose identity and legal capacity they have been able to prove. A Public Deed is required whenever there is inheritance involved, that is to say, in order to buy and sell a house.

A Notarial Deed contains mere facts or legal acts and is used to establish facts or statements about the persons concerned. They are not entered into any register.

Sworn Translation of Notarial Deeds

Do I need a Sworn Translation of a Notarial Deed?

You will need a Sworn Translation of a Notarial Deed if required for processing in Spain. Or if this Notarial Deed was written in Spanish and needs to be presented in a foreign country.

Minimum prices for a sworn translation of a document:

  • English minimum per document: €30
  • French minimum per document: €35
  • German minimum per document: €45
  • Italian minimum per document: €50
  • Portuguese minimum per document: €50
  • Russian minimum per document: €50
  • Ukrainian minimum per document: €65
  • Arabic minimum per document: €65
  • Chinese minimum per document: €60
  • Japanese minimum per document: €65
  • Swedish minimum per document: €65
  • Norwegian minimum per document: €65
  • Bulgarian minimum per document: €65
  • Hebrew minimum per document: €65
  • Dutch minimum per document: €45
  • Polish minimum per document: €55
  • Romanian minimum per document:  €65

If you can’t find your language, please get in contact us.

A Translation Agency such as CBLingua meets all the requirements needed to offer a comprehensive service of the highest quality to our clients. This is thanks to our strong team of Sworn Translators in all languages and a team of interpreters specialised in simultaneous, consecutive and conference interpretation services.

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