Sworn Translation of Statutes

The Sworn Translation of Statutes (Act of incorporation of a company, etc.) will be essential for asserting those statutes in a country whose official language is different from that in which the document is written (for example, statutes drawn up in French in Spain or statutes in Spanish in France).

Official Sworn Translation

A Sworn Official Translation is a special translation that can only be carried out by a Sworn Translator authorised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), who will seal the translation making it 100% valid in all of Spain.

Certificates of Incorporation and Company Statutes

In order to start up a company in Spain, it is necessary to have a Certificate of Incorporation or an agreement of incorporation of the partners and Company Statutes, which regulate the operation of the company. In addition, both documents must be submitted to a public document by notarial deed and presented in the Commercial Register.

Sworn Translation of Statutes

When do you need a Sworn Translation of Statutes?

You will need a Sworn Translation of statutes if they are written in a different language to the official language of the country who has requested said statutes.

For example, if you need to carry out a procedure in Spain that affects a company incorporated abroad, and you must present its original statutes written in French, they will probably need to be accompanied by a Sworn Translation of these statutes into Spanish.

In all cases, always consult your lawyer or the organisation that has asked for the statutes to see if a Sworn Translation is needed.

Minimum prices for a sworn translation of a document:

  • English minimum per document: €30
  • French minimum per document: €35
  • German minimum per document: €45
  • Italian minimum per document: €50
  • Portuguese minimum per document: €50
  • Russian minimum per document: €50
  • Ukrainian minimum per document: €65
  • Arabic minimum per document: €65
  • Chinese minimum per document: €60
  • Japanese minimum per document: €65
  • Swedish minimum per document: €65
  • Norwegian minimum per document: €65
  • Bulgarian minimum per document: €65
  • Hebrew minimum per document: €65
  • Dutch minimum per document: €45
  • Polish minimum per document: €55
  • Romanian minimum per document:  €65

If you can’t find your language, please get in contact with us.

A Translation Agency such as CBLingua meets all the requirements needed to offer a comprehensive service of the highest quality to our clients. This is thanks to our strong team of Sworn Translators in all languages and a team of interpreters specialised in simultaneous, consecutive and conference interpretation services.

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