Sworn Translator in Alicante – Sworn Translation in Alicante

Are you in need of a Sworn Translator in Alicante?

Are you in need of a Sworn Translator in Alicante? It’s very easy! We will show you, in only three steps, how we could make your Sworn Translations.

First step

Send your scanned document to the email The original documents are not required, provided that the quality is high enough to read and understand.

Traductor Jurado en Alicante

Second step

Upon receipt of payment from the client by email, we can start working on the Sworn Translation of your document.

Third step

They are two ways of returning your document, either by certified or express mail, or by a courier service, indicate which way you would prefer, and we can send your documents. We will always send a digital copy of your Sworn Translation.

CBLingua is a Translation Agency with more than 17 years’ experience and an exceptional trajectory. We are currently one of the best specialized translation agencies nationally.

Traductor Jurado Granada

Why are we the best choice in Alicante?

Our fees – they are the most competitive and economical on the market, just compare our fees to those of any other Sworn Translation Agency in Alicante or nationally.

Professionally – it is our aim to keep growing and to offer all our clients a quality service.

Promptness – if we cannot comply with the agreed terms of the clients, we will not take on the task of your Sworn Translation.

CBLingua is formed of a team of more than one hundred and fifty sworn translators. Our network of sworn translators is distributed all around the country, like this a receipt of your Sworn Translation within 24 hours, independent of the location of the client, is guaranteed.

We have Sworn Translators in Barcelona, Bilbao, Cadiz, Cueta, Granada, Gran Canaria, Jerez de la Frontera, Melilla, Palma de Mallorca, Salamanca, Seville, Valencia, Vigo, Zaragoza… And all the cities in Spain!


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